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Phantom’s Story

In 2016 we were part of a multi-agency team who rescued a herd of over 160 abandoned ponies on Bodmin Moor. Some required urgent veterinary care and there were concerns for others that they wouldn’t survive the winter months.

One of the herd was Phantom, a beautiful foal who was born in a circumstance of abandonment – he had never known human interaction before.

He arrived at Bransby Horses as a young colt with serious health conditions and limited chances of survival. Our teams, who were part of the Bodmin Moor rescue and looked after Phantom, give their accounts of his condition and rehabilitation below.

He is forever safe

Thanks to your continued support and our team’s expertise, time and love, Phantom is now thriving.

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The Rescue

Phantom arrived in 2016 as a young colt, very small and afraid. Having had no human interaction before, he was scared of his new surroundings and fearful of those that were caring for him.

He was in need of urgent veterinary assessment for a number of health conditions, including worm burden, colic and an ulcer.

Phantom spent a number of weeks in isolation, receiving essential care at our Animal Reception Centre. Thanks to our in-house testing facility and veterinary team, we were able to identify his health issues rapidly and act accordingly.

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A Closer Inspection

He arrived at Bransby Horses fearful of his new surroundings and with life-threatening conditions – he had colic, ulcers, worms, a lice infestation
and overgrown hooves. And this was only just the beginning…

Join us for the rest of Phantom’s story when you become a regular giver.

Phantom’s brave turning point to trust

Over the course of a few years, taking the rehabilitation at Phantom’s pace alongside his ongoing veterinary treatment, he began to relax.

“When he trusted me and was happy to be touched, I discovered he simply adored having his belly scratched – he loved it so much!” – Hayley, Phantom’s rehabilitation handler.

Phantom’s rehabilitation journey was a long one, but after years of perseverance, that breakthrough moment finally came.

We can only be there for abandoned animals like Phantom with your support.

It's getting harder

A troubling trend over the last decade is the growing numbers of cases involving dozens if not hundreds of animals in need of rescue.

“It’s like trying to drain a bath with the taps still on.” – NEWC, 2020, Britain’s Horse Problem Report.

Phantom’s story is just one of many examples we’re continuing to see more frequently across the country.

We appreciate any support you can give.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Phantom’s journey so far