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MED Equus Ltd Donate Vital Equipment to Bransby Horses

22nd May 2018

A kind donation from MED Equus Ltd has saved Bransby Horses hundreds of pounds and will enable staff to maintain vital equipment in the Animal Reception Centre which is used to detect potentially life-threatening diseases and infections such as Strangles.

MED Equus Ltd donated four endoscope cleaning brushes and a leak tester kit to enable maintenance of the equipment which is used predominantly on horses that are in quarantine for routine testing, known as ‘scoping’.

Cleaning the endoscope after each use ensures strict biosecurity procedures are followed to prevent the spread of infectious disease between horses. The donated brushes are designed specifically for cleaning the equipment and the leak tester kit checks that the electrics have not been compromised after cleaning, as part of the process involves submerging the endoscope in water.

Said Bransby Horses’ Veterinary Consultant, Jeremy Kemp-Symonds: “We’re very grateful for the continued support that Martin Davies and Med Equus provide to Bransby Horses. The equipment that they have so kindly donated will be integral to the maintenance of our hard-working endoscopes in the Animal Reception Centre.”

The donation from MED Equus Ltd is greatly appreciated by staff at the charity which is currently caring for more than 400 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.


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