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Help horses like Archimedes and Merlin here by Gift Aiding your donation

Make Your Donations Go Further With Gift Aid

17th October 2022

Did you know that through Gift Aid we can claim money from the government to make your donations go further for equines in need?

Charities lose out on £500m per year due to lack of Gift Aid sign ups and it doesn’t cost donors a penny!

The Gift Aid scheme enables charities like us to reclaim the basic tax rate from HMRC on all personal donations from UK tax payers – adding another 25 per cent more at no extra cost to the donor.

Here are a few examples of how Gift Aid can increase donations:

  • A £5 donation becomes £6.25 with Gift Aid – an extra £1.25
  • A £25 donation = £31.25 with Gift Aid – an extra £6.25
  • A £100 donation = £125 with Gift Aid – an extra £25 which could buy two bags of feed.

There’s no extra cost to you

All you have to do is fill in a simple Gift Aid declaration form for us to be able to claim the extra money to make your donation go further and #tickthebox. This declaration asks you to confirm you are a UK tax payer and you are happy for us to reclaim the tax.

All personal donations qualify – large or small, regular or one-off, and whatever the method of payment.

Thank you

Without you, we simply wouldn’t be here, which is why we want to make sure every donation works as hard as we do to help equines in need.

Gift Aid makes a big difference so please make sure you tick the Gift Aid box on your donation forms.

If you already donate and want to check that you are gift aiding your donations then please call us on 01427 788 464, Monday – Friday between 9am and 3pm or email: