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A lucky escape for Brooke

8th March 2017

WARNING *Upsetting Images*

Bransby Horses’ most recent intake, Brooke (pictured) had a very lucky escape thanks to a passer-by, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue and Rase Vets. Brooke was stuck in the River Till after slipping on the very wet river bank. It is unknown how long Brooke had been in the water, but she was very weak and unable to stand. Rase Vets began her treatment immediately and administered her with a shock rate of intravenous fluids to get her balanced until the team at Bransby Horses were able to step in to offer immediate special care, with the aim of bringing her temperature up using heat lamps and rugs. Brooke was eating whilst she was laid in the stable which gave us the impression she was stronger and her blood test results weren’t too concerning.

After the recent and very upsetting loss of Bullseye and Lasso, the team are working tirelessly to save Brooke, with the aim of helping Brooke make a full recovery. Through the duration of her first night in the care of the charity, with the team present, Brooke managed to find the strength to bring herself to her feet and towards a rather full haynet! The early signs were extremely positive. However, yesterday afternoon Brooke deteriorated and was unable to stand in her stable. Our on-site Vet Nurse ran bloods, with Vets on stand-by to create an urgent treatment plan.

Yesterday morning, Brooke received a four litre plasma transfusion; and was administered with another four litres yesterday afternoon. Issued with a long-stay catheter to administer intravenous medication, Brooke will continue to be closely monitored by staff and will receive special care until she shows signs of improvement. Following this morning’s plasma transfusion, Brooke is looking a lot brighter in herself and is tucking into her hay nicely. A very special pony, it is hoped that Brooke will make a full recovery now she is receiving the care that she deserves.

It is only with public donations and legacies that we are able to help horses like Brooke. If you would like to support our rescue and welfare work, please visit the donate page.