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Lottie Finds Her Forever Home

1st April 2019

Lottie arrived at Bransby Horses in 2017 with a foal at foot. Her life before Bransby Horses had been both hard and demanding. Firstly, she had been used as a driving and riding pony being worked over long distances, then as a brood mare. Although, it is unclear just how many foals she had been used to produce before she arrived at Bransby Horses.

When Lottie arrived at the Animal Reception Centre, her and her foal, Barney, were assessed and after an examination it was clear that Lottie was in foal again so following their quarantine period the pair moved to the Peter Hunt Yard. Barney was later weaned, and he joined another herd who he bonded immediately with. Lottie on the other hand, was given a short rest as she was prepared for the arrival of her next foal.

In May 2018, the team arrived one morning to find Lottie had foaled during the night and had given birth to a healthy colt, named by staff as Yogi Bear. Lottie was a natural mother who cared brilliantly for Yogi Bear and she became a favourite to many of the staff as she always greeted them in the morning with pricked ears and a wicker from across the field. Having spent the summer together, Yogi Bear was weaned and joined a group of other foals that were similar in age to him. Yogi Bear made friends easily due to his kind and playful temperament and Lottie finally enjoyed some well-deserved rest from breeding.

In December 2018, Lottie moved to the Riding Barn. Staff knew a little about her past and that she had previously been ridden and driven, so the decision was made for her to move to the Riding Barn where she could be assessed and potentially rehomed as ridden equine. Due to her having a number of foals, Lottie’s core muscles were weak and needed a specific exercise programme to help improve her strength. The team developed her an individual exercise plan which consisted of pole work and hacking to help this and she progressed very quickly with her work, stealing the hearts of the team along the way.

We are delighted to say, Lottie has now found a new home with fosterer, Stef, who is looking forward to their future adventures together. We look forward to hearing their updates and seeing how Lottie is enjoying her new life out in a home.

Without supporter’s kind donations, Lottie’s future could have been very different. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to help changing the life of not only Lottie, but her two foals as well, through donations. A special thanks goes to the welfare staff who cared and nurtured all three equines and giving them the bright and promising future, they deserve.

If you are interested in Rehoming an available equine or simply want to find out more about how you get involved and help, please do explore our website for more information or contact us on 01427 788464.