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Launching our Keep On Keeping On Campaign

17th April 2020

We’re very aware that there are a lot of worthy charities asking for help from their supporters at the moment. The truth being, as most will know, that the pandemic that has drawn our country to a halt has affected many thousands of businesses and charities.

Unfortunately Bransby Horses is no different. Our teams have estimated that our charity will have lost £380,000 since the lockdown and up until the end of June 2020.

If the disruption lasts longer, clearly we will be further affected.

As so many charities are understandably asking for support, we want to ensure we are being sensitive when we ask for help at this challenging time. So we have come up with an idea which we hope won’t be too financially demanding on our supporters whilst helping Bransby Horses Keep On Keeping On.

As we’ve worked out this financial loss figure based on the revenue we would have made should people have visited our site, which has been locked down, we are asking people to Virtually Visit us.

And what does Virtually Visiting us mean?

Bransby Horses is asking our amazing supporters who would have visited us over these months, but clearly can’t, to donate the money they would have spent on their visit to us.

Our end of the deal is to bring to you everyday an experience of what is currently happening at our site. We are also going to give you an exclusive view of our Barlings site which is not open to the public. All these films, filmed by our amazing teams still safely working at our sites, will be posted at 1pm here on our website and our social media channels.

So, if you would have visited us, and you want to continue to support us, we ask that you spend your unused petrol money and buy a coffee, perhaps a card from our gift shop, and if the weather’s lovely, try one of our ice creams?

Please spend this money at our JustGiving page, let us know what you’ve bought on your virtual visit if you want, and we will continue to share our site and it’s incredible two-legged teams and four-legged residents with you every day.

Thank you for us all at Bransby Horses.