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Joy as Tinchy Finds his Forever Home!

15th November 2016

Some of our supporters may remember the story of Tinchy who arrived at Bransby Horses in November 2014. He was in a very poor condition with a heavy lice burden, distended stomach due to an untreated and escalating worm burden, Salmonella and in an advanced state of emaciation with a body condition score of zero out of five. With barely enough energy to stand, Tinchy sadly collapsed in his stable. He was just hours away from death and the team at our Lincolnshire site worked tirelessly around the clock for three months caring for tiny Tinchy. Every two hours, Tinchy was moved by four members of staff to prevent any further damage to his internal organs.

The staff at our Lincolnshire site spent New Year’s Eve in 2014 administering an additional three hour blood transfusion to this seriously ill pony. Over a five month period, Tinchy received intensive round the clock care from our team and had a total of fourteen litres of plasma transfused in a bid to boost his immune system and aid his recovery. Plasma donations were given from a range of healthy horses, including Adoption Star and ex-police horse, Justice. During upsetting and tiring cases we always worry if horses like Tinchy, who are in such a dire condition, can be saved. Tinchy was borderline, but with the generous help of our supporters, he survived.

In January 2015 thankfully Tinchy was declared free from Salmonella and began grazing in-hand. He was eventually weaned from his medication and had finally attained a good weight after receiving the care that he deserved, meanwhile a successful prosecution brought by the RSPCA against his owners took place. His owners admitted to causing unlawful suffering to Tinchy under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and consequently received a five year ban from keeping equines, along with a monetary fine.

We are extremely grateful to public donations which helped us to save Tinchy and rehabilitate him. After spending his time at Bransby Horses on the Main Yard at our Lincolnshire site, we are very proud to announce that Tinchy has found his Friend for Life and has gone to live on a racing yard in Newmarket, with his friend Savannah, as a companion. The team were very sad to say goodbye to Tinchy and Savannah, as a strong bond was formed when they went through the toughest of times together. Congratulations to our team for turning this pony’s life around. Tinchy and Savannah are such friendly ponies and we wish them the best for the future.

If you could offer one of our horses a loving home, please visit our Rehoming page for more information.

Tinchys First drip