Introducing Chutney and Tracy

Tracy and Chutney have amazing, once in a lifetime bond. Tracy tells us more:

“On October 28th 2011 Chutney came home. From that first day I met her at Bransby I fell in love. There was definitely a connection and I wasn’t wrong.

“Chutney has a lot of character and we have so much fun together. We are happy hackers; we did try showing once but neither of us enjoyed it much so decided we would stick to what we do like doing: pleasure rides, holidays at the beach and just enjoying time together.

“She really is my once in a lifetime horse.”

“I am slightly obsessed; as well as having our own Chutney designer clothing range I also have her tattooed on my arm!

“Me and Chutney can never thank Bransby enough not only for rescuing her but also for bringing us together.”