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We pay tribute to characterful mule Ebony

13th July 2022

As one of the greatest and most loved characters at the charity, known affectionately as ‘Ebony mule’, she will be deeply missed.

Bransby Horses PR officer Maria Thompson said: “It’s so tough when we lose one, especially when they are as special as Ebony. Everyone on the yard where she lived is just heart-broken but we know she had an amazing, happy life with us and lived to a really good age.”

Ebony has been with Bransby Horses for most of her life after she was found roaming the streets of Gainsborough in 1992.

Her loss will be felt by so many who had the pleasure of meeting her but none more so than the yard teams who have looked after her daily needs for over 20 years.

“She was a very intelligent mule and when she was younger she liked to be doing things rather than just grazing in a field. Since she’s been retired she has been very happy playing and relaxing in her paddock with her little herd.”

Ebony’s character and cute looks earned her legendary status and she was a firm favourite with teams and supporters alike. For many years, Ebony was a popular Sponsorship Star (formerly known as the Adoption Club) but retired in 2019 to enjoy her twilight years out of the limelight.

During her early years at the charity she was trained to pull a small cart to help with weight management and keep her busy and has lived with fellow mule Penelope and Shetland Cinderella for many happy years.

Earlier this year, Ebony celebrated a milestone, 30th birthday with a mule-friendly cake, even making it onto BBC radio news.

Ebony lived a full and happy life at Bransby Horses, made possible only by the kind donations of those who support the charity’s important equine welfare work.

All the teams at Bransby Horses are truly devastated and know this loss will be felt greatly by her supporters too.

Bransby Horses will never forget their very special Ebony mule.