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Gift Cards With A Difference

What is it?

Our Gifts Cards With A Difference are a fantastic way to support our 300+ residents at Bransby Horses. By purchasing a Gift of Food, Gift of Warmth or Gift of Wellbeing, you will receive a beautiful gift card for your donation which you can keep or purchase as a unique present for a friend or loved one.

Perhaps you know someone who would like you to make a charitable donation in their name, or perhaps you’re looking for a unique gift for the person who has everything?


How do they work?

You can make a difference with our Gift Cards – simply click on one of the three options below or call our friendly team on 01427 788 464.

With options to suit every budget, in return you will receive a lovely Gift Card with a Difference in the post to keep or gift to a friend.

Every purchase of a Gift Card with a Difference provides essential care for all of our horses, ponies, donkeys and
mules. Please note: your donation is not part of a restricted fund and will be used where most needed.


A Gift of Food

Gift of food

This provides many of our elderly horses and those with health problems extra nourishing feeds to help maintain their weight during the colder months. Your generous gift helps to support these additional needs.

Price: £10

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A Gift of Warmth

Gift of warmth

Older horses may need extra warmth in cold and wet weather with additional hay, shelter or a well fitting rug to help a horse maintain condition and be very beneficial for those that do not have a full coat. Your generous gift will help ensure that horses in our care stay warm and comfortable.

Price: £40

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A Gift of Wellbeing

This generous gift provides treatment and medicines for the equines in our care, many of which arrive with pre-existing conditions or have developed long-term conditions as a result of a life of mistreatment and neglect.

Price: £100

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Thank you

A Gift Card with a Difference is a fantastic way to support Bransby Horses’ 900-plus equines and fund our rescue and welfare work.