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Gerald's Story - Bransby Horses

Meet Gerald

A foal found collapsed and close to death is barely recognisable from the day he was rescued.

This is a story about Gerald and how help from you has given him another chance.

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Lucky to be alive

Gerald was discovered dumped in a field on Leatherhead Road in Chessington last summer, after a member of the public had spotted him in need of help. The youngster underwent several weeks of ongoing veterinary treatment for the neglect he had suffered, including overgrown and cracked hooves, a dry and uncomfortable skin condition, as well as serious malnourishment.

Rescued by a nearby RSPCA team, Gerald was signed over to Bransby Horses for the long-term specialist care he needed. At only two-years-old it was touch and go. As well as advanced liver disease and severe dental problems he also needed a blood transfusion.

The youngster underwent several weeks of ongoing veterinary treatment for the neglect he had suffered.

Gerald stood in a field and looking at the camera

More horses like Gerald need your help

We would like to appeal to you to continue to support us in some small way. One small way that won’t cost you a penny, is by choosing to Gift Aid any of the donations you have given to us during the past 4 years.

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“Despite his issues Gerald showed a real determination to get better. His conditions were difficult to treat as he had multiple issues but despite being close to death, he pulled through on more than one occasion. He’s a lovely pony and the team who work with him are very fond of him.”

Welfare Manager Rachel Jenkinson

Gerald has since transformed into a healthy, happy pony!

A forever home

Gerald will stay in the care of Bransby Horses due to the lifelong medical conditions as a result of his abandonment.

We would not have achieved any of this without you. It’s only thanks to your long-term support that we can continue our regular activities alongside our reactive work to provide many equines like Gerald.

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