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Discover Phantom and His Story

From not letting anybody near him, to becoming forever safe, read all about Phantom’s journey to recovery. All of which would’ve been impossible without public’s continued support and the expertise, love and care of our team.

The beginning

He was emaciated and had a number of health concerns, so we brought him straight to Bransby Horses.

Health concerns

It was touch and go for little Phantom, who was suffering with colic, painful stomach ulcers, parasite infestations, and overgrown feet.

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Building trust

We spent many, many hours with Phantom over many, many years – from trust exercises, moving on to head collar work, leading him to the stable and leg work to help with farrier visits, most of which was set back by health issues or fear.

Worth the wait

Though Phantom’s rehabilitation was long, he managed to defy all odds and make a full recovery. Thanks to the public’s continued support and our team’s expertise, time and love.

Our amazing supporters

Phantom is now forever safe, all because of supporters like you.

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