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Delilah’s journey to find a loving home

9th January 2017

Delilah came into the care of Bransby Horses at the request of the RSPCA in October 2016, with a colt foal staff named Harry after being dumped on a piece of land with several other ponies. Unfortunately, no owner was located and they were both in a very poor state or emaciation and sadly, her foal had passed away due to suspected malnutrition a few days before the RSPCA got to them. Delilah also arrived with another foal whose mother had to be put to sleep due to severe neglect, the foal was also a very poor and saddening condition after just twelve hours of being in the care of Bransby Horses, he too, sadly passed away.

Delilah required emergency care due to a heavy internal Parasite burden and her weak frame from lack of food. Special care was taken to ensure that her food intake was adjusted so not to make Delilah worse.

This very sweet four year old 12hh mare is now looking to find a loving home where she can receive the attention and love that she deserves. Delilah has no health issues that would stop her having a wonderful future and could be backed when she is fully developed. Her kind temperament would suit a family environment with children but would be just as happy with one to one care.

Our ‘Friend for Life’ rehoming scheme offers equines the chance to enjoy life in a carefully selected loan home, for more information please visit our Rehoming page.


Delilah Before
















Picture Caption: “Delilah upon her arrival at Bransby Horses.”