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Bransby Horses Rescue Team

Could You Help Us Rescue Equines in Need?

22nd August 2023

We are turning to our supporters for help to replace crucial pieces of rescue kit.

An increase in cases which require specialist items to safely remove animals from dangerous situations of neglect and abandonment has taken its toll on our equipment.

We’re currently running out of the basic but vital items needed to remove equines safely and efficiently and hope you may be able to help replace them.

What we need

  • Headcollars – Headcollars of all sizes are essential in enabling us to be able to catch and move equines safely.
  • Water cannisters – We carry these in every vehicle so that we can offer water to equines immediately to prevent further dehydration.
  • Spray bottles – Equines we rescue can be carrying many diseases which is why we are equipped with spray bottles full of disinfectant.
  • Bungee cords – To secure equipment to trailers whilst travelling to rescue sites.
  • Cable ties – Our Field Officers use these to attach notices to fencing/gates, such as abandonment notices.

If you’d like to help us by purchasing one or more pieces of equipment, all of these items are on our Amazon Wish List here:

Without supporters like you, we simply couldn’t exist.

Thank you.