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Chutney’s Second Chance

15th January 2018

Chutney was found abandoned with four other horses in a farmer’s field back in 2007. Despite leaving notes to the owner to come forward, no one ever did and the group were later taken into the care of Bransby Horses at the request of the RSPCA.

Chutney found her ‘Friend for Life’, Tracey, in 2011. The pair are now enjoying hacking together as well as pleasure/sponsored rides and even a few holidays at the seaside riding along the beach! Chutney is also renowned for buddying up with nervous horses and taking them out on a hack to keep them calm.

Tracey adores Chutney and describes her as a her ‘once in a lifetime horse’. It’s great to see Chutney receiving the love and attention she deserves and seeing the positive difference she makes in someone’s life as well as helping other horses.

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