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Celebrity Veronica’s move to the Visitor Centre Yard!

5th May 2017

You may remember the story of Veronica who arrived at Bransby Horses in February 2017 following her abandonment in Carlton le Moorland. After weeks of intensive care from the team at the Animal Reception Centre (ARC), Veronica was finally ready to leave the ARC pending a clean guttural pouch wash result. This was done by Endoscopy under mild sedation with a vet and team at the ARC. Unfortunately, after a routine endoscopy it was discovered that Veronica was harbouring several chondroids in her guttural pouches (solid balls of mucus) which sadly indicated that Veronica had come into contact with Strangles. Washes were sent externally for testing and Deposilin (antibiotic) was administered in both pouches to kill any nasty bacteria. Previous blood test results reiterated the diagnosis and had shown raised Antigens that indicted Veronica had previously been in contact with Strangles.

This meant that Veronica was required to stay at the ARC until she was deemed as clean from Strangles in test results. We are delighted to announce that test results have now confirmed that Veronica is free of Strangles and has moved onto the Visitor Centre Yard to meet her new friends and supporters! A healthy and happier pony, Veronica has settled in nicely with her new friend Lindt and is enjoying the company of the Shetland Herd on the yard.

Pop and say hello to Veronica, we are open from 10am-4pm seven days a week, and are just eight miles away from Lincoln (LN1 2PH)! To find out more, check out our Visit Us page.