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Care Connection #5

27th April 2020

Dear Residents and Friends,

We have had a busy few days here, lapping up the glorious sunshine as we go. Firstly, we would love to update you on the Arab, Genie, who we mentioned on Nipper’s travels previously. As you know she injured her leg and was staying in her stable whilst it healed.

Well, good news, she is doing really well and has been enjoying her walks twice a day by our team. She has even managed to have team member Ashleigh fall in love with her, even though she keeps saying ‘I don’t like Arabs!’
Arabs are well known for being rather excitable and accident prone, but with her flowing hair and good looks Genie has changed Ashleigh’s mind.

Today Genie and her friend Emerald are going to be turned out in a small field for a small part of the day. We are looking forward to seeing them out, if a little nervous that they will enjoy it too much – Genie is still healing after all. If this goes well we hope to put them back with their herd soon, which we will be sure to let you know about!

Pecan and his friends Willberry, Lance and Pegasus have also moved this week. Pecan arrived at the charity in 2016 when he was just 1 month old, with his mother Cashew and father Pistachio. They had been seized by a local council and needed a home, so we took them in. Whilst both his parents are now out in foster homes, Pecan is still here at Bransby as he had some breathing difficulties whilst growing up. He requires our vets to be close to hand, or that’s what the yard team like to say! We know it’s really because he is just too cute and they want him all to themselves!

Pecan is a welcome new addition to our Sponsorship Star scheme and is a playful character who always gets the attention from our visitors. We are sure he is very much looking forward to seeing everyone again. In the mean time we have given him and his friends 4 more Shetlands to play with; Cracker, Smokey Joe, McCauley and Piper. Whilst they are all keeping to themselves at the moment, we are sure that Pecan and Willberry will soon remember Cracker. They all lived together 2 years ago and were very close, forever playing and sharing their breakfasts. Cracker occasionally remembered his older years and acted like the father figure, especially if they were getting too boisterous as they so easily do being youngsters!

Back on the Peter Hunt yard, Uno has heard that it is nearly Easter and has been enjoying a photoshoot with one of our team members, Fran. Uno loves to pose for the camera and can often be seen stretching his head over his fence or stable door just in case a camera is pointing his way.

We do hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Please let us know if you would like to hear about anyone in particular, with over 350 animals here we have lots to tell you about. From the miniature Shetlands, the long eared donkeys to the gentle giants. We wonder who are your favourites?

Love from,

The Bransby Team