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Bransby Horses Winter 2023 Lottery Results

20th December 2023

We have now drawn the winners for our winter 2023 lottery. See the results below.

OrderValueTicket No.Name of Winner
1st Prize£2000331917Ms M Ward
2nd Prize£500196114A Bell
3rd Prize£250249452I Osborn
4th Prize£50221284W Wiliams
5th Prize£50529331J Wilson
6th Prize£50198360H Harvey
7th Prize£50164016M I Goldie
8th Prize£50242256Sally Prince
9th Prize£50111523Christine Fitzsimmon Hall
10th Prize£50857715Elaine Pickin
11th Prize£50793621Caroline Scott
12th Prize£50420081Valerie Martin
13th Prize£50509456Juliette Britton