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Bransby Horses Win Legacy Futures Innovation Award

9th June 2021

Bransby Horses is the proud recipient of the Legacy Futures Innovation Award for the ‘Create Your Legacy’ campaign in their inaugural year.

Legacy funding is a vital part of our overall fundraising, contributing over 50 percent to the charity’s income. The gifts people make in Wills to Bransby Horses have a real impact on the horses in our care. They enable us to provide a safe haven and secure future for animals that have suffered neglect or abuse.

Winning this award provides us with a fantastic opportunity to draw on the support of industry experts to help shape our future strategy and growing our legacy relationships.

Legacy Futures

Legacy Futures is a specialist fundraising consultancy company. It is dedicated to helping charities harness the transformative power of legacy giving. The Legacy Futures Awards were set up in 2020 to offer charities the chance to win support to enhance their Legacy fundraising.

Legacy Futures runs three award categories; The Crispin Ellison Bursary Awards, The Legacy Future Leader Award and The Legacy Futures Innovation Award. Each award targets a specific area of Legacy fundraising and offers a tailor-made prize to assist each winning recipient.

Bransby Horses entered and won The Legacy Futures Innovation Award with our legacy campaign concept ‘Create Your Legacy’. The Legacy Futures Innovation Award aims to assist charities looking to improve their understanding, approach or administration in the long-term, and offers the winner £5,000 worth of advisory support.

Legacy Futures said of our entry: “The simple yet impactful way in which Bransby Horses reframed how to talk about legacies demonstrated creativity, innovation and applied research to legacy marketing practice.”.

Mel Banham, Bransby Horses Legacy Case Administrator, put Bransby Horses forward for the award. He said, “I am delighted Bransby Horses won the award. It means so much to our charity and to the animals in our care. The prize money will enable us to get the support we need to put together a long-term strategy.”

Create Your Legacy

At Bransby Horses we are so grateful for every gift left to us in Wills. Each gift makes a huge difference to the horses in our care and allows us to continue to rescue and rehabilitate those still in need.

For more information or to create your legacy with Bransby Horses, click on the button below.

Create Your Legacy

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