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Bransby Horses Rescue Abandoned Foals

12th July 2018

Bransby Horses have taken in three colts that were found wandering nervously across Leicestershire’s roads, close to Willoughby by the Wold. All three boys are under five months old and ideally, would still be relying on the mare to support with their development.

We believe the youngsters have all been dumped which is sadly becoming a more regular occurrence.

Field Officer, Donna Hill, said: ‘Although physically they appear to be ok, I worry about the damage caused mentally to these incredibly nervous foals. I fail to understand the thought process that somebody can take to not only risk the lives of the three foals but have no consideration to the drivers on the road that are unaware of the dangers.’

She continued, ‘I know these three are safe now at the quarantine yard and I look forward to seeing them develop. I then worry about all the others that are potentially at risk simply because they are no longer wanted or of financial benefit.’

The Police incident number is 153 10 07 2018 if anybody has information on the owners of the three boys who the team have named Alvin, Simon and Theodore.