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Thank you for your continued support throughout such a difficult period. Our role to provide a safe haven for maltreated or abandoned horses, ponies, donkeys or mules continues to grow every year, with this year being no exception.

Through no fault of their own, equines arrive at Bransby in a range of unspeakable conditions, their health hanging in the balance and our Intensive Care Unit working round the clock to care for them.

Our welfare teams work non-judgmentally with owners as we often have cases where owners find themselves in a position where they are no longer able to support or care for their horses. Our experts work alongside them, often for months at a time to try and reach the best possible outcome for the horse.

A giving a regular donation of just £3 per month will help us to continue to give other horses, ponies, donkeys and mules their voice. £3 could help towards the cost of essential regular foot trims. Unfortunately for Poseidon, this fundamental care was neglected.

Warning: Graphic Content

Like many horses that initially arrive with us, Poseidon’s feet were extremely overgrown causing him immense discomfort. For most horses, regular visits from a farrier to trim back and realign the foot with support from a vet are essential and can offer a whole new lease of life. Unfortunately, this was not the outcome for Poseidon… for the few months we had with him our welfare teams, vets and farriers spent time caring for him, x-raying and medicating him to try and give him a positive outcome. During this time, we gave him love, care and attention he deserved. Sadly, the damage that had occurred to the bones within Poseidon’s feet prior to arriving in our care and the immense weight that came from his 18hh stature meant there was no way we could offer him a life free from pain. In this instance the best outcome for Poseidon was to euthanise him.

Every horse we rescue and support is special – Poseidon was no different.


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