Description: 13hh Welsh Chestnut Mare

Age: 21 years

History: Wish arrived at the charity in 2013 in foal with a group of other mares, all of which were in poor condition.

Behaviour and Handling: Wish is quite a shy pony and can take time to build confidence around new people and surroundings. She will need an experienced handler that will have the time and patience to get to know her lovely personality. She is a good girl to handle, although still needs to gain confidence with the farrier.  She is happy to be stabled or kept in the field but sometimes needs some gentle encouragement when being led as she does also have a bit of a stubborn streak. Wish currently does need some sedation when she sees the equine dental technician.

Use: Wish is being rehomed as a companion pony to those equines that are of a similar size and with similar grazing needs to hers.