I've found my match
17 years
13.3 hh

Say hello to Sundance!

Sundance is looking for a very special home as a non-ridden companion.

After 11 long years of waiting at Bransby Horses, Sundance is hoping to find her knight in shining armour to give her the home she so deserves. Are you the one she’s been waiting for?

She is a timid girl on the mature side of life who can take a while to trust you, but certainly rewards you if you put the time and effort in to establish a bond. Sundance is looking for a perfect partner who is experienced, kind, patient and gentle; someone who can offer her a one-on-one adult only home who is happy to implement a routine and allow her to receive affection on her terms.

Sundance will need a perfect partner experienced in managing PPID (Cushings) and understand that she has a history of EMS and be happy to manage both accordingly.

More information:

Description – Sundance is a 17 year old, 13.3hh, dun Welsh X mare. 

Stabling/Shelter – Currently has her days split between restricted grazing during the day with access to a shelter, and in overnight on woodchip. 

Companionship – Currently lives in an all mare herd. She is toward the bottom of the hierarchy and will need a companion with similar maintenance needs to herself. 

Forage/Feed – Low calorie Hay/ straw mix whilst in. Restricted grazing to manage her weight.

Feet – Bare foot, trimmed 6 weekly. Good for the farrier. 

Dentist – Sedated as part of Bransby Horses standard practice. 

Vet – Sundance can be nervous around the vet and needles and needs reassurance and patience for this.  She has a history of EMS and is currently on Prascend for PPID (Cushings).