Description – Sarabi is a 13 years old, 12.2hh, Black, cob type mare.

History – Sarabi arrived at Bransby Horses with a large group of mares, she was in foal, extremely underweight and feral on arrival.

Behaviour & Handling – Sarabi has been on one of our handling programmes with positive results. She can still be nervous and bargey when unsettled, but is good to lead and enjoys being groomed.

Perfect Match – Sarabi would benefit greatly with a consistent and regular handling routine, she will need a firm but patient and understanding handler to set the boundaries & bring out the best in her personality.

Stabling/Shelter – Currently lives out all year with shelter. Good to stable.

Companionship – Has only ever lived with mares.

Forage/Feed – Currently on grass with hay throughout the winter months.

Rug – Never been rugged.

Ailments – None.

Medication – None.

Vices – None.

Feet – Barefoot. Good with the farrier.

Dentist – A little nervous but does not need sedating.

Vet – A little nervous but responds to a positive handler.

Clip – Never been clipped.