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Under Application
4 years
13.1 hh

Say hello to Merlin!

Merlin is ready to find a home as a non-ridden companion.

Merlin is a playful young man who is looking for a perfect partner who can continue to build on his confidence and teach him new things. Her can be sensitive to new people coming into his space but once he knows you he shows himself to be sweet and gentle, enjoying one on one attention and a good scratch.
Merliin is an intelligent boy who picks up on new trained behaviours quickly. He is passive within the herd and is always down for a game with his friends when the offer of one is available. He has shown slightly more dominant behaviour around food, but nothing concerning.

The farrier is something that Merlin has historically been very worried about, and whilst he has vastly improved, he can still be wary especially with his hind feet. We have found that use of a lick and a slow approach from the farrier gives him time to assess what is happening and helps him. He would benefit from consistent regular handling with his feet to help him continue on the right path.

More information:

DescriptionMerlin is a 4 year old, 13.1hh, black, cob gelding.

Stabling/Shelter – Merlin currently lives out 24/7 with access to a shelter, and will happily stable when needed with friends in sight. 

Companionship – Merlin lives in a herd of geldings and is passive within the herd. He loves to get involved in games with his field mates so would benefit from having a playful companion. 

Forage/Feed –  Merlin is not on any hard feed and is on restricted grazing to appropriately manage his weight. If grazing becomes too sparse he is supplemented with low-calorie hay.

RugsMerlin does not need to be rugged. 

Medication – N/A

Vices –  N/A

Feet –  Merlin is worried about farrier visits, especially with his hind legs. We currently use a lick and approach slowly so that he has time to assess what is happening. When having his feet picked out by his handler, he may occasionally try to walk off however with correction (asked to back up and stand) he stands well for this. He would benefit from consistency with his feet handling. .

Dentist –  Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

Vet – Merlin has historically had several sarcoids removed from his chest and inner thigh and had his stifle medicated when he was younger due to hind limb lameness. Whilst he still has some basic physiotherapy movements in hind to keep him supple and strong, he has been signed off by our vets as comfortable to live in a home as a companion.