Under Application

Description – Genie is a 14.3hh, 6 year old, iron grey, Arabian mare.

History – Genie arrived at Bransby Horses with one other Arab after being found locked away in the most horrendous conditions.

Behaviour & Handling – Genie was very overwhelmed when she first arrived at Bransby Horses due to the fact that she hadn’t experienced life as a normal horse. She has come along way since then and is calm to handle for routine interactions such as the vet and farrier. Genie has a typical Arab temperament and is still young so will need an experienced handler. Genie has the potential to be backed when the time comes.

Perfect Match – Due to her breed and temperament Genie will only be considered for homes that have experience with Arab horses. She will need a firm but kind person who can continue her eduaction.

Stabling/Shelter – Currently lives out with a shelter and rugs as required.

Companionship – Can live with mares and geldings.

Forage/Feed – Has 500g comprehensive balancer in the morning.

Rug – Rug as required.

Ailments – None.

Medication – None.

Vices – Weaves when stressed.

Feet – Currently unshod. Good with the farrier.

Dentist – Sedated as standard Bransby Horses practice.

Vet – Good.

Clip – Would need time and patience with this.