9 years
12.3 hh

Say hello to Cornish

Cornish is now ready to find a home as a non-ridden companion.

Cornish is a sweet young man with a lot of love to give, who has a sensitive demeanour and can become unsettled by change.  Cornish thrives in a routine with consistent handling and is a very intelligent boy who loves plenty of opportunity to keep his busy mind active. He is very striking with his vivid chestnut coat and has a gentle, genuine nature. Cornish takes his confidence from his handler in times of worry so will benefit from a competent, confident handler who will show him that the world isn’t as scary as he sometimes thinks it can be! Cornish would be best suited living with one or more geldings.

Cornish has a tendency to display intermittent head shaking when a head collar is put on and he is head shy. This has been investigated by our team of vets and no medical cause has been established so we consider this to be a learned behaviour, displayed in times of unease or worry.

More information:

DescriptionCornish is a 9 year old, 12.3hh, chestnut, native gelding. 

Stabling/ShelterCornish lives out 24/7 with access to a field shelter. He has historically stabled without any issues however due to a recent change to his management, this is something he is struggling with. If stabling is needed as part of his routine in a home, he will need time, consistency and patience to help him become comfortable with this again.

CompanionshipCornish is best suited living with one or more geldings only. 

Forage/Feed –  No hard feed given and restricted grazing. Cornish has a history of laminitis so will need careful weight management to ensure reoccurrence is limited.  

Ailments/Vices –  Cornish is head-shy.

FeetCornish is barefoot and trimmed 6 weekly. He is generally good for the farrier but can be a little wary of new people so will need a gentle and patient farrier. 

DentistSedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

VetCornish has displayed intermittent bouts of head shaking which have been investigated and there appears to be no medical underlying cause for this. He has a history of Laminitis so will need careful management. 

ClipCornish needs sedating to clip.