Description – Carla is a Grey, 11hh, 8 year old, Welsh x Mare.

History – Carla arrived at Bransby Horses during 2013 after being found living in unnatural and unsafe conditions.

Behaviour & Handling – Carla is a lovely, Welsh pony who enjoys being with her friends. She is very gentle and has a calming effect on the other mares who she lives with.

Carla is blind in one eye but this doesn’t phase or worry her in any way.

When leading Carla, she is very respectful of boundaries, she will sometimes trot with excitement when she is happy but isn’t strong and listens when you tell her to stop.

Perfect match – Carla is happy to be a field companion, she has been a lead rein pony in a previous home so there is potential for this again, but this would need to be discussed and reviewed by our Rehoming Coach. Carla loves a pamper and enjoys being with her human.

Stable/Shelter – Lives out all year round but can be stabled – Carla will initially shout out but soon settles.

Companionship – Lives with mares currently, but there is no reason for not living with geldings.

Forage/feed – Currently on a hay & straw mix – would need to be on a restricted diet to manage her weight.

Rugs – No rugs currently required.

Temperament – Calm and friendly.

Ailments – None

Medications – None

Vices – None

Feet – Unshod

Dentist – Good

Vet – Good

Clip – Never been clipped at Bransby Horses.

If you feel you could offer Carla a loving home, then please click here to find out more.