Beetroot & Butternut

Under Application


Description – Beetroot is a 2 year old, bay, Shetland x mare. She is 8.2hh

History – Beetroot’s dam was rescued as part of a group of Shetlands that were suffering from neglect. Beetroot was born at Bransby Horses.

Behaviour & Handling – Beetroot is a sweet mare who is confident and friendly. She is very affectionate and likes to interact with her handlers. Beetroot has a laid back temperament and enjoys learning new things. Like Butternut she would benefit from enrichment activities as she is quick to learn and thrives on interaction.

Perfect Match – Due to her age Beetroot will benefit from a foster home that is willing to carry on her education. Beetroot enjoys being groomed and pampered as well as learning new things.

Stabling/Shelter – Beetroot lives out all year round with a shelter. She will need her grazing monitored so that she does not gain weight over the spring and summer.

Companionship – Happy living with mares or geldings.

Forage/Feed – Beetroot lives on grass all year round but may need supplementing with hay during the winter months when it is very cold and wet.

Rug – Beetroot does not need rugs due to her breed.

Catching – Beetroot is good to catch.

Time alone – Beetroot has spent short periods of time alone in the field and stable. This is still very new to her so she will need time and training to get used to this.

Ailments – None

Medication – None.

Vices – None.

Feet – Barefoot. Good with farrier.

Dentist – Beetroot hasn’t had any treatment from the dentist due to her age. She has had socialising sessions with the dentist though so is familiar with the process. She will need a patient approach.

Vet – Beetroot has only seen the vet for vaccinations so is a little shy. She will grow more confident over time.

Clip – Never clipped.


Description – Butternut is a 3 year old, grey, Shetland x mare. She is 8.3hh.

History – Butternut was rescued as part of a group of Shetlands, including her dam, due to neglect. Butternut wasn’t even twelve months old when she arrived at Bransby Horses but has thrived in our care and is now ready to look for her next adventure in a foster home alongside Beetroot.

Behaviour & Handling – Butternut is a happy mare with a lovely, cheeky character. She is forward going so has a tendency to rush everywhere as life is all very exciting and there are lots of new things to see and experience. This enthusiasm can be reflected in Butternuts handling so she will need a consistent approach from a fosterer who will maintain her boundaries as she grows up.

Perfect Match – Butternut is only three years old and therefore needs a fosterer that will continue her training. Butternut would love a home with someone who has a lot of time to pamper her and keep her busy with regular enrichment activities such as inhand exercises, pole work and potentially agility or jumping when she is ready.

Stabling/Shelter – Butternut lives out all year round with a shelter. She will need her grazing monitored so that she does not gain weight.

Companionship – Butternut has lived predominantly with mares whilst at Bransby Horses but is happy with both mares and geldings as companions.

Forage/Feed – Butternut is a good doer and therefore will not require any supplementary feed other than hay when the weather is very cold and wet.

Rug – Butternut will not need rugs due to her breed.

Catching – Butternut is good to catch from the field but occasionally needs to be tempted with a treat!

Time alone – Butternut prefers company but will stay on her own in the field for short periods. She will call out until she settles.

Ailments – None

Medication – None

Vices – None

Feet – Good with the farrier. Butternut is unshod and will only need regular trims.

Dentist – Butternut finds a visit from the dentist a little worrying but with patience and a calm approach she soon settles and is happy. Due to her age she has not required any dental treatment but has been socialised with the dentist so that she is familiar with the process.

Vet – Butternut has only seen the vet when required for vaccinations so due to her age this is quite a new experience for her. As with the dentist she can be shy at first but with a patient approach she will settle.

Clip – Never clipped.