Volunteers and Placements

** We would still appreciate your application, but during this time, we have closed all vacancies for volunteers.**

One amazing way to help the charity is by becoming a Bransby Horses volunteer.

Volunteering doesn’t need to be a weekly commitment, we have lots of opportunities that are only a few days in a whole year. Alternatively we also have regular volunteer work that may require a little more commitment.

We are grateful for every one of our volunteers no matter how much time you give us. We can’t wait to welcome more enthusiastic and devoted individuals to our volunteer team.

Not all volunteering is equine based, so don’t be put off, we need you!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please click through on the volunteer application button or role description below. This will take you through to a safe external site that will get you started on your journey.

PLACEMENTS- if you are wanting to apply for work experience at Bransby Horses please click the button below.



If you have any question please contact us via email