Rehoming Application Form – Ridden or Driven

Please read through our terms and conditions before completing this application form in full, giving as much information about yourself and what you are looking for. You will be contacted on receipt of your application, if we do not have anything suitable for you at that time; your application will be kept on file for 6 months after which time you will need to re apply. Applications must be completed by persons over 18 years old.

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 Light Hacking Daily
 Pony Club Riding Club Dressage Eventing Show Jumping Showing Endurance Driving
 Dressage Eventing Show Jumping Driving Showing Other – Please Specify:

Will The Equine Be Left On Its Own?
 Never Left Occasionally – Whilst Other Equine Is Being Exercised Occasionally – For Longer Periods Whilst Other Equine Is At Events Regularly – For Short Periods Regularly – For Longer Periods (Events Or Other Equine Is Stabled)

What Breed Is Your Existing Equine? (If Multiple Equines, Please List All Answers)

What Gender Is Your Existing Equine?
 Mare Gelding Stallion

What Age Is Your Existing Equine? (If Multiple Equines, Please List All Answers)

How Would You Describe Your Equine’s Temperament?
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 Dominant Moderate Passive

How Best Describes Your Equine’s Dietary Requirements?
 Good-Doer Moderate Poor-Doer

What Is The Vaccination Status Of Your Equine?
 Flu & Tetanus Tetanus Only Not Vaccinated

Do You Utilise A Worming Programme?
 Worm Regularly Faecal Egg Counts & Worm Appropriately None

Details Of Facilities Where Equine Will Be Kept

How Much Grazing Is Available?

How Best Describes Your Grazing?
 Suitable For Laminitics / Good-Doers Average Grazing Lush Grazing Access To Conserved Forage (Hay/Haylage)

What Type Of Fencing Encloses The Fields?
 Post & Rail Electric Fencing Stock Fencing Barbed Wire Other – Please Specify:

How Would You Restrict Grazing If Required?
 Strip Grazing Grazing Muzzle Periods Of Stabling Other – Please Specify:

What Shelter Is Available?
 Natural Hedging Field Shelter Stable Barn

How Do You Control Poisonous Plants?
 Spraying Physical Removal Other – Please Specify:

What Types Of Pasture Management Is Utilised?
 Regular Poo-Picking Regular Harrowing Cross-Grazing With Other Species Rotation & Resting Of Fields Fertilising None Other – Please Specify:

Is Daily Turnout Available?
 Yes – Grazing Land Yes – All Weather Turnout Area No Other – Please Specify:

What Facilities Are Available Should Your Equine Become Ill or Injured?

Who Will Care For The Equine Should You Be Unable Too? (I.e. Holiday, Illness or Injury)

Please Provide Contact Details Of Your Veterinary Surgeon/Practice

Please Provide Contact Details Of Your BAEDT Approved Dental Technician

Please Provide Contact Details Of Your Farrier

Please Provide Contact Details Of Your Instructor Or Other Professionals You May Use

Have Yourself Or Any Member Of Your Immediate Family Been Questioned Or Convicted In Relation To Animal Cruelty?

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Please Provide Any Other Information That May Be Relevant To Your Application; Including Ridden/Driven Experience