Mr Brandy Snap


Description: 10.2hh, Chestnut, Shetland, gelding.

Age: 12 Years.

History: Mr Brandy Snap came into Bransby Horses in 2016 after his owner could no longer meet his needs.

Behaviour and Handling: Mr Brandy Snap is a shy Shetland who is working on his handling and confidence. He is coming on in leaps and bounds and has improved greatly and just needs routine. He is a good boy to lead and loves to be groomed. He is fine with quiet children, but can get overwhelmed with loud noises. Mr Brandy Snap is a delicate flower that needs a quiet approach and once he gains your trust it will be very rewarding to see this sweet boy grow into himself.

Use: Mr Brandy Snap is being rehomed as a companion horse.

If you are interested in rehoming Mr Brandy Snap, please click here.