Hero is a 12 year old, 14.1, Cob, Gelding.

History: Hero was originally taken in to Bransby Horses care in 2012 when he was found in a ditch, he was found caught up in barbed wire.

Behaviour & Handling: Hero is a sweet lad who would thrive being a companion in a small herd of horses. Hero is partially sighted, but this doesn’t seem to bother him too much. Sometimes this can make him a little shy and reluctant to be caught and he may require a small treat from his handler to encourage him. Hero requires a quieter environment and thrives on routine.

With Hero being a cob type, he does suffer from scabby knees. At Bransby he has his feathers clipped out and is treated with a medicated cream; Cetraben. Hero is a good doer and does require restricted grazing. Hero prefers a quiet and confident handler due to him being a little head shy, this is due to his vision. Hero suffers from a burnt nose during summer, so requires a nose net during the summer months.

Use: Hero is looking for a companion home.

If you feel you could offer Hero a loving home, then please click here to find out more.