History: Bobby came to the charity in 2015 with a group of six other Shetlands. He has lived happily on our Visitor Centre Yard with our other Shetlands and is a favourite with staff. He is now looking for his Friend for Life.

Behaviour and Handling: Bobby is good for routine treatments and easy to catch. He’s good to worm and saliva test.
He hates being alone and will only stable with a friend with him or next to him that he can see them.
Bobby is amazing with children and will stand while they groom him. He walks really slowly so can be ideal for small children who like to take them for walks.

Bobby can live with mares or geldings. Currently he is with a mare and a gelding and quite happy as part of his little herd. If Bobby is in a field with electric fencing it will need to be switched on as he will walk through the fence otherwise!

Use: Bobby is looking for a home as a companion. If you would like to apply for Bobby please click here.