New Beginnings for Horrace and Hursty

Horrace was brought to Bransby Horses in 2015 after a request from the RSPCA as one of his companions had sadly died and Horrace’s needs were no longer being met. Hursty was brought into Bransby Horses care as part of a group that were all severely underweight and were seized immediately due to their poor condition. Thankfully the pair are now living happily together with fosterer, Kelly, and foal Bramble.

Over the past year Kelly has worked hard at building their trust, especially Hursty, who was particularly nervous of people and had some challenging times. Both horses are now old enough to start their ridden careers but unfortunately, Kelly sustained a severe injury at the beginning of the year preventing training from starting. However fast forward to October and they were ready to learn basic ground work. Kelly hopes the pair will be great ridden ponies for her children in the future, as well as continuing to be companions to Bramble as he grows up. We cant wait to hear how they get on!